Plasma cutting services of mild steel and stainless steel

Cutting is the technological operation that is defined by the partial detachment of a part of a material, in order to process it. This process is done with the help of a machine coordinated by human hand and can be coordinated in a numerical system (CNC) by a machine.

Plasma jet cutting is suitable for any type of sheet or pipe, and can cut thicknesses between 1 mm and 80 mm.The cutting is fast and forms much smaller deformations than when cutting oxygen.Also, the great advantage over oxygen cutting is that the plasma jet also cuts non-ferrous materials.

Thanks to new technologies, plasma jet cutting is constantly evolving. The market reflects this, with a high demand for plasma jet cutting services.

Technic Steel offers plasma jet cutting services according to customer needs. We cut both standard parts in industrial quantities but also individual parts, as a decoration for different spaces.
Our team, using state-of-the-art equipment such as the Hypertherm XPR 300 plasma source together with the Eckert Jantar CNC machine, offers cutting for black steel or stainless steel sheets with speed, precision and low cost but also round pipes due to the cutting device of pipes available on this machine.

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