Stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium welding services

The professional welding process is one that permanently combines two or more solid metal elements to be joined to form a unitary assembly.

The most used welding processes in the industry are those with ELECTROD INVELIT, MIG-MAG and TIG-WIG. Following the welding procedure, the formed cord must always be stronger than the base material and in the case of tensile testing, the part must yield elsewhere and not to welding.

This practical process is indispensable and irreplaceable in most fields of activity, using everything from plastic welding to steel welding. Because this profession is no longer taught in vocational schools and because this profession is highly valued especially in Western Europe, there is a great need and also a great lack of craftsmen in this field.
Technic Steel offers high quality fine welding services. Using especially the TIG WIG welding process, but also MIG-MAG or electrode welding, we manage to cover the main metal welding processes. In addition, we also have the spot welding process for sheets up to 4 mm thick.
Our welders are qualified, with training in the field of welding abroad. Thanks to them and the latest generation equipment, recently purchased we can offer welding services at high standards.